Customized Solutions

Itinity has built a strong expertise on monitoring solutions for the ICT environment. With a team of certified professionals Itinity delivers solutions in the following domains:

  • Event Management
  • Network Management
  • Performance Management
  • Systems Management
  • Run book Automation / IT Process Automation
  • IT Service Management 

We believe that the key success factors for the projects we deliver are:

  • Project management according to PMI best practices
  • Strong relationship with our customers and business partners
  • Solution oriented approach
  • Technical expertise, leveraged by the experience we have in heterogeneous customer environments and an internal culture of collaboration 

You may view our product portfolio here.

Consulting and Advice

We offer consulting and advice in the following areas:

  • OSS architecture
  • IT  project management
  • OSS audits


In the projects we implement the tools are installed and customized by a team of our experts in order to match exactly our customer’s needs and environments. However, environments and needs are subject to constant evolution and change and therefore it is important to have flexible and easy access to a team of experts which are simply not always available inside of one’s company. At the same time, the ICT organization needs to guarantee service availability and respond fast to the business demands while keeping costs under control.

With these challenges in mind, we have created the following support services:


  • Maintenance and Administration: maintenance and administration tasks performed remotely by experts located at Itinity’s facilities.
  • Flexible Allocation Program: a mix of onsite and offsite support services provided according to an allocation model tailored to the customer’s needs.
  • Dedicated Onsite Support: full time allocation of one or more experts at the customer’s site.


For the products in scope of our support services, please refer to our product portfolio.